Rotary Africa Peace Concert, for the love of peace and Music

We all dream of a peaceful Uganda, a peaceful East Africa and very much more a peaceful Africa.

Despite the Many years of prayers, dreams and wishes, Africa still faces conflict, insecurity and war, making peace a far fetched description. What if we could one step at a time, one dollar at a time make our dreams and wishes come true? What if we could as a generation skill and educate individuals to push for peace in Africa.

We have been blessed to have a Rotary Peace Center based here at home at Makerere University. The first one of its kind whose purpose is to train young leaders and professionals in peace and conflict resolution before sending them back to their communities to implement what they have learnt. So far 110 fellows from across Africa fully funded by the Rotary Foundation have undertaken this specialised training going away with certificates and others Masters degrees.

We hope that many more can become specialised in peace and Conflict resolution and that’s why we are putting all our efforts as well as calling you all to join us raise money to fund the Makerere University Rotary peace Center through music.
On 3rd November 2023, a Rotary Africa Peace concert like none seen before has been organised to take place at the scenic Speke Resort Munyonyo.

The journey toward a more peaceful world is one that demands our collective efforts, and this concert stands as a testament to our commitment to fostering unity, understanding, and positive change.

In a world that often grapples with division and discord, the universal language of music emerges as a beacon of hope. It transcends boundaries, cultures, and languages, carrying messages that touch the very core of our humanity. The Rotary Africa Peace Concert is more than just an evening of musical performances; it is a platform through which we aim to amplify the voices of peace, harmony, and unity.

The question arises: Why a peace concert? The answer lies in our unwavering belief that music possesses the remarkable ability to heal, inspire, and bridge gaps. Our goal is to create an atmosphere where people from all walks of life can come together, irrespective of their differences, and celebrate the values that bind us as a global community.
With each note that resonates during the concert, we are contributing to a brighter future, one marked by cooperation, compassion, and shared understanding.

We have done it before during the first and second edition of the Africa Peace Concert and I am sure we can do it again in a more grand and more giving am way. We are always thankfull to those who supported the cause last year from Rotarians, Rotaractors, friends of rotary and our corporate sponsors.

Our call is that in the same spirit we all join hands and support the quest for a Peaceful Africa. Those who can pay to attend, please pay. Those who can contribute $100 or more to The Rotary Foundation and attend virtually please do and those like corporate entities that support with a portion of the budget, don’t hesitate. A peaceful Africa is all we need for business and self-Growth.

I can’t wait to see all of you as we contribute to a peaceful tomorrow.



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